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What People Are Saying

For my first Energy Healing session with Delores Burgess I was not sure what to expect and was again surprised when our discussions focused not on relaying past drama, rather connecting my mind and body to identify what feelings I had and where I felt them in my body. It was incredible to be able to be guided by Delores and have her expertise in assisting me in locating and release fear, pain, tension etc. and further recognize what thoughts of events or circumstances were causing these feelings. Likewise she lead me on a journey to do the same with areas that brought my mind and body peace, joy, empowerment, etc. When I began working with Delores I felt heavy and weighed down, sad and even desperate. After six sessions with her my outlook was like night and day. I was a dramatically different person and was able to carry over our work into my every day life. She taught me to have the intention to stop and breath and ground myself when I felt stressed or anxious and release that energy instead of pushing everything down and holding everything in. She helped me realize I had been living disconnected from my body and spending most of my life in my mind which was exhausting and unhealthy. One of the greatest lessons I learned from working with her is that you can not be successful in life disconnected from your body. I would recommend working with Delores to anyone regardless of their situation as she has a true talent and gift for healing. Simply stated she is amazing!  
-Brooke N


Praise God! I am soooooo proud of Tiara Deshaun and so grateful for you Delores Burgess, her "Awesome Acting Coach"! GLORY TO GOD!

Janice Dave, Atlanta GA


The word of God states, "my people perish for the lack of knowledge" ...Tri Action Life Center founders and visionaries are introducing and reiterating solid business and biblical principles to assure we have the ability to "write the vision and make it plain." The seminar/workshop facilitated by Gary Burgess and Pastor Delores Burgess was delivered with excellence. The information shared was life changing and vision impacting. What a valuable day, thank you for investing in each of us! 

Pastor BJ Relefourd, Founder, Women of Power


The WERRK seminar encouraged me in ways I couldn't even imagine. Not only did the Panelist encourage us as employees, but they encouraged us as women. They wanted us to be better and work smarter to get where God has called us to go. I greatly appreciate this seminar and the dreams it has awakened within me.

Hope Smith, Stockbridge GA 


Greetings my name is Keyatta Lesane and I am a product of Tri Action Life Center. A few years ago, I lived in Atlanta Georgia under an enormous amount of stress, disbelief and bad luck. The “Do the Work” motto of Tri Action Life Center is why I am who and where I am today. Currently, I am living in North Carolina teaching students academics but also self-worth. Every day, I remind my students that they matter and that they are important. I am a witness that Pastor D and the Tri Action Life Center is the real deal. Passion, confidence, and commitment are the keys to success regardless of your career choice and or industry. Thank you Pastor D for being the mom, mentor, and friend I always need.

Keyatta Lesane, Educator


I would like to thank Pastor Burgess and Tri Action Life Center for presenting the WERRK Seminar for Ladies. It was an awesome experience in which me and my friends were able to come together to receive inspiration, love, and mentorship through the Panelist members. Looking at all the beautiful successful women that came to pour into us lit a fire in my heart and mind. It changed my outlook from "why me?" to "why not me?" and at that moment I grew in my confidence to succeed. Under the tutelage of Pastor D and Mr. Gary, I have conquered things spiritually, professionally, and financially that I thought would weigh me down due to not cultivating my potential. They saw something in me that I'm starting to see for myself, I have been "Tri- Activated"!! 

Ayanna Gould, Stone Mountain, GA 


I came to Tri Action September of 2014 to explore my talent of acting. Through monologues, scene studies, cold reads and breathing techniques, etc.  and 10 months of hard work dedication and effective coaching from Delores Burgess; I am now nurturing my talent and looking to pursue acting as a career. Because my potential was noticed and I was pushed to be great I now have the confidence to audition and the urge to learn as much as I can about my craft and the industry.  At Tri Action I was pushed to not just be good but to be great!  I learned that in order to become an actor you have to do more than just read. You have to “become”, be instinctive, and evolve. With Delores Burgess as my acting coach I was able to grow as a person and actor. I want to thank Delores Burgess for not only seeing my potential but also for taking the time out to help me perfect my craft! 

Tiara Dave, Aspiring Actress


April 18, 2015 I brought 10 amazing women together for a special project I created call Queen Be - The Art Of Being You. It is a creative + expressive day that is all about celebrating our grit, our gifts and our greatness through fun + playful + out of the box experiences to live LOUD, Lovely and Legendary lives. It's a day of creating trust within ourselves, owning our deepest desires and giving all of it a playground to curate and come to life. This day would not have been possibly without all the love, support and encouragement of my Queen Be Creative Crew! Special shout out to my Vocal Coach and Performance Mentor Delores Burgess for pushing me, holding my hand and reminding me of Gods gift within me at all times. 

Kristina Italic, Founder of the YouCanDoItDIVA Movement

Tri-Action Ministries blessed me so much with their Debt Cancellation Seminar.  I had to re-learn and re-think my savings strategy.  I realized that I was wasting money by not properly budgeting to save to buy the things I wanted.  I thought that I was careful with my credit cards and was overall responsible, but I found that I was not taking advantage of opportunities to save more.  Since the seminar, I have implemented a weekly budget.  The budget has allowed me to see savings opportunities each week that help me with my goals.  One of my goals is to establish my emergency fund, which I am working on thanks to my budget.  Hats off to Pastor Dee and Gary because they are truly anointed to teach others to cancel debt and budget for their future.  The Christian principals and the personal experiences, the Artifacts Museum, reinforce the capability and understanding both Pastor Dee and Gary have for their ministry. 

Lori Robinson, Director Human Resources, K&G Superstore

Pastor D!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. And thank you for believing in me and this dream...I'm so thankful to have you as a partner in my launch forward toward destiny! 

Andrea Holloman, Professional Vocalist

We are excited to serve the community as Georgia's 1st Energy Efficiency store.  We take pride in  helping our customers become more Green and reduce their energy costs through energy efficient products. It is important to note that Tri Action was instrumental in helping us quantify our vision beyond a dream, into an actionable strategic plan and current reality.  We are delighted to have Gary and Delores serve as Trusted Advisors to SuperGreen Solutions.   

Marvin Austin, Owner SuperGreen Solutions,  Alpharetta, GA 

I am so grateful to Tri-Action Life Center's owner, Delores Burgess for providing a warm, elegant, comfortable space for our annual prayer breakfast. From our initial consult, she was very professional and reasonably priced. Her level of integrity was noteworthy and very much appreciated. She made sure we knew the capacity of the room and exactly what they could offer. In the midst of planning this event, my husband was battling cancer, and I could not provide the level of attention I needed to leading up to the event. However, Delores took the lead and provided decoration instruction for her staff, and all of our needs based on our initial conversation-making the event less stressful for me. Throughout our breakfast, the women continuously commented about the space. They felt it was "excellent, warm, and very nice!" Many of the women LOVED the space and desired to have more events there. In addition, our event was over capacity, but the staff just helped accommodate our needs and were very professional and helpful. I would rate this center on a scale of 1-5...5 stars and beyond. I would not hesitate to hold any small event here. Thank you Delores!

Kenita Pierce-Lewis, BBA, MBA
President & Founder
H.O.P.E, Inc.

Gary and Delores,  We thank you guys for empowering us with the gift that God has blessed ya’ll with. We’re not just applying it to our lives but we are sharing with others as well. This is only the beginning! Love you both!

Rondell & Lisa Huggins, Owners & Chefs
Coast to Coast Bar-B-Q

Pastor D, I am so thankful and appreciative of you, your wisdom, talent, patience and your gifts.  I feel like my opportunities are endless and it's up to me to go get it! I’m truly thankful to God and you for you sharing your space, time, knowledge, and love with me!

Keasha Dean, Smyrna, GA 

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